The Mid-Ohio Weekend in Photos

One of the magnificent things about a road course event, and the ALMS/INDYCAR weekend at Mid-Ohio especially, is that there is NEVER a quiet moment on the track. There’s always something buzzing around the circuit. This year was no exception as we has the Cooper Tires Prototype Lites Championship, the SCCA Pro World Challenge, the American LeMans Series, the US F2000 National Championship, and the IZOD IndyCar Series taking to the circuit from 0800 to as late as 1900! That also means that is photog was one busy dude! I ended up snapping around 2200 photos over the weekend, and while about 75% of them wound up being culled, that still leaves a lot of surviving photos. We have a subset of those images that made the final cut here on the site, and you can see those by clicking on the Photo Gallery tab above, but here is a slideshow of all the photos we have posted over on our Flickr site.

IZOD IndyCar Series

US F2000 National Championship

American LeMans Series

SCCA Pro World Challenge

Cooper Tires Prototype Lites

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