Episode 100 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Here it is! The 100th episode of the podcast for your consumption! Huge milestone for us and we would like to thank you for the download! Join Shaun, Mike, and Doug as the whole crew gets fired! We also go over Mid-Ohio and the race weekend in Mike’s backyard. As always, sit back and enjoy the show and thank you for listening!

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One Thought to “Episode 100 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. Hey-o! A shout out! It’s like commenter catnip! I now see your comment on last week’s post as well. OK, now I get what you guys are saying about the padded room. ‘Tis true, Will Power appears to be the fastest guy out there, more weeks than not, but it is also true (the point you guys were making) that whenever Power does something good, Dario’s right behind him, and that probably does have to drive Will nuts. Meanwhile, whenever something goes wrong for Power, Dario’s there to scoop up the pieces. That’s a recipe for a “peed away” championship for Power and Penske, and yet another championship for Dario. Say what you will about Dario being lucky (I think you’d be a fool to claim anything otherwise), at least he is positioning himself at all times to maximize what he gets in every race, be it a 2nd or 3rd behind Power, or be it a win, when everything goes wrong for everybody else. That’s the mark of a pretty damn good driver.

    Only a third of the way through the show, but it’s a good one. Good work, fellas.

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