Great win to help the series grow, unless you live by Marco

So if a tree falls in the woods, will anyone hear it? If a third generation INDYCAR star wins, will his home media market hear of it? Yes and no respectively.

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Marco Andretti had an impressive win last night in Iowa. INDYCAR fans were thrilled to see a non-“red car” win. Andretti showing he is in the big series not just because of his last name. Marco is America’s first winner in the series for 2011.

Yet here in the Philadelphia media market (which myself and Marco call home), you could hear crickets. On twitter following the race for about 30 minutes Marco Andretti was trending nationally. In Philly, NOPE! In Indianapolis, Marco was a trending topic for a good two hours after the race. (A good 10 hour drive away from the area Marco calls home).

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I get why with ABC 6 (owned by ABC/Disney) and KYW-CBS 3 (owned by CBS), but WCAU-NBC 10 is owned by NBC/Universal. (Which is owned by Comcast) Versus a property owned by the Philadelphia based media empire called Comcast will be soon renamed to the NBC Sports Network. (Not to be confused with digital Channel 10.3 NBC Universal Sports. They show important sports like table tennis!)

Why is Comcast not promoting a local star of a sport on a network they air, on the basic cable package in the Philadelphia market? Comcast can’t get enough of pimping the Flyers. They own the Flyers, hence why the Flyers are on Versus more than any NHL team. Also why the Flyers are now the 2011 host team for the “Winter Classic” on NBC/Universal. (Owned by Comcast). Not to mention the Comcast owned Hockey team appearing in past “Winter Classic” games.

Now some might say the Philadelphia market is not into auto racing. Well they cover the NASCAR events at Pocono and Dover. (Both at the ends of the Philly market). Also some might say they only like American “jock sports”. Well, WCAU has stories on their website about Tennis, Libya Soccer, and golf. I have gone to more sporting events than I can count in Philly. NEVER have I attended a women’s tennis, or an international soccer game.

Heck WCAU even has a video segment with a Flyer player’s wife. I know I find it more important to know what a hockey wife listens to on her iPod and what her drink of choice at Starbucks is. Wait, I could give a rat’s behind.

Clearly Comcast the “savior” could also give a rat’s behind in promoting the series. When I was tweeting about Marco’s win. I got re-tweeted by a Philly area NASCAR fan. He is a race fan and found it exiting that a LOCAL driver won a race. Yet, what he wants to read about is decided by other people. Comcast will tell us what we like. I guess I need to start following the Williams sisters, since the great Monopoly Comcast says so.

For those who think Comcast is saving the series, buy a clue! Read the ratings they are WORST than ABC events! Yes Bob Jenkins is the best play by play announcer. Jan is the best color analyst. The crew on pit road is awesome. Clearly though, the Versus broadcast crew’s efforts not important to their boss, Comcast.

Here is all the local press Marco Andretti has as of Sunday for his great win at Iowa.

Hometown paper the Express-Times.

The Morning Call of nearby Allentown, PA.

WFMZ Channel 69 Allentown. (An Independent low rated local station)

That is all the press in one of America’s biggest media markets, where Comcast is based.

Comcast’s effort at helping the series grow, its Craptastic!


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