Episode 92 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

Join the OP trio this week as they cover all the rally action from STPR to Ukraine. We also talk the decision to hold Bahrain as well as the adopted 2013 technical regulations. Are you over your 500 hangover yet? We have a Texas preview as we look at the 30 car field! Sit back and enjoy as always!

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4 Thoughts to “Episode 92 – OpenPaddock.net Podcast

  1. oops. looks like I totally misread an article on Renault. Not quite sure how I interpreted the meaning to be that Renault was leaving if they adopted the new engines in 2013. Quite the contrary, Renault has said they would leave if the new engines are not adopted for 2013. That makes better sense. As I said in the podcast, eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds….. I guess I’m a seed.

  2. I realized that today as well. You are fired for messing up and Doug and I are fired for not paying attention. looks like we will cease to exist lol. We will chalk that up to not being one of our finest moments. :-/

  3. Ah, just stopped over to let you guys know you had the Renault thing (which is the part I’m listening to right now) backwards. You may cover this later in the podcast, but I just think that the FIA is silly and/or cowtowing to one engine manufacturer only if they delay the 1.6L turbos. Renault is on board, Cosworth is saying that they will make an engine for the formula (even if it winds up being a little more expensive, at least in the short term), Mercedes should be convinced to come on board (after all, the “we don’t make 4-cylinder engines” thing holds no water for them, because they do sell road cars with 4-cylinders, and they already run a 4-cylinder in F3), and you’d think that multiple new companies would come on board (that being PURE plus maybe a couple more, the Japanese and/or Koreans, maybe?). Yeah, I get that Ferrari has no interest in 4-cylinders, but someday they’re going to have to figure out that giant V12s and V8s aren’t going to get the job done in their road cars, either (or, at least, they could work on developing turbo and other technology for their road cars).

    Great show this week, guys. Even though it’s clocking in at 30+ minutes more than the last couple, this one feels tighter, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s the copious bourbon/martinis/PBRs…

  4. Thanks for the kind words Speedgeek! There was massive amounts of booze which usually makes for a better show. (I don’t get it) Perhaps it is that very ingridient that caused the mix up lol! Really sorry that we dropped the ball on that Renault bit and a formal apology will be made next week. I read the article the day after and had an oh sh** moment. Renault will leave if they do not switch which makes complete business sense for them as that is the market they entertain. Was unaware of Mercedes but you have a very valid point. I say let Ferrari run the V8 and let renault go to the turbo four and just level the performace of both. Bring in run what you have rules! Who am I kidding…nap time must be nearly over because I am starting to wake up LOL.

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