IndyCar Garage Forum Update – 5/12/2011

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As part of a weekly series, IndyCar Garage moderator Tyler Carmichael will provide forum updates to the hot topics on The forum is monitored frequently and is viewed as constructive place to voice all INDYCAR opinions. The past week of forum discussion has brought lots of conversation and with the Month of May heating up on the track, IndyCar Garage is the place to be for all your INDYCAR Conversation!

For the week of May 5th through May 12th, check out the following links below:

  1. Questions for INDYCAR Drivers? IndyCar Garage has several good interviews lined up with drivers over the next few weeks.

    IndyCar Garage has interviews lined up with Simona, Katherine Legge, Wade Cunningham, and hopefully more to come. If you have a question for one of these drivers, please check out this forum topic. IndyCar Garage will also do a Top Ten feature with each driver, Top Ten will ask each driver the Top Ten things fans don’t know about the driver, if you have idea or for this feature, weigh in on this topic.

  2. A possible Triple Crown of three 500 mile races is proposed by a member of ICG – UPDATED

    The discussion is still very interesting on the thread that was started by Gary Lee Cox, who is a rather new member to ICG. One of the longest threads in IndyCar Garage forum history, if you have weighed in on this topic, then you probably have been seen the responses from all the different of opinions. Check out the updated thread and what members are saying. If your just checking out this thread then continuing reading. The thread discusses the old Triple Crown races such as Michigan and Pocono, but also has many members wondering if the Triple Crown is even a possibility again. The discussion continues deep into passionate comments from members about driver ability, Texas Motor Speedway, and how to attract fans. This thread is easily one of the hottest topics on right now.

  3. Ovals prior to Indy in 2012?

    Ovals have always been very hot topics among INDYCAR fans; from the pre-split years of around six to seven ovals, to the early IRL years of all ovals, fans always have an opinion on ovals. What kind of oval do fans want? Short Ovals? 1.5 mile pack ovals? Super Speedways? This thread has it all covered with lots of good opinions on why there should be an oval or two before the Indy 500. Several Rumors of Phoenix, Chicago, Daytona (Road Course) and Pocono are included in this thread and ICG member Gary Lee Cox seems to be in the know.

  4. 2012 Possible Car Concepts

    Two display cars of what the 2012 possible IZOD IndyCar could look like were unveiled on Tuesday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. One car is designed for ovals, and the other for Road/Street Courses, have you seen the concepts? Dallara has said that these cars could look like this for next year, but also be modified with changes. This car will also be on display throughout the month of May at IMS. INDYCAR could also possibly introduce aero kits from Chevy, Honda, and Lotus for 2012 as well. The new car just seems to be the tip of the iceberg in diversity for INDYCAR, weigh in on this thread about what you think.

  5. Opening Weekend and ROP Preview

    IndyCar Garage previews the opening weekend of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the 95th running of the Indy 500. Eight rookies highlight the field, along with 40 driver/car combos trying for the 33 starting spots. Attending opening weekend? What do you think Pole speed will get up to? Drivers in danger of not qualifying for the race? Check out this thread for a preview of this weekend.

  6. Scott Speed will make his INDYCAR debut

    In the summer of 2009, IndyCar Garage wrote a series of articles on the top ten drivers not in INDYCAR racing, Scott Speed was listed as #7 on that list. Last week, news broke that Speed will drive for Dragon Racing for this years Indy 500. Speed will be making his debut in INDYCAR and also compete in the Vegas 5 million dollar challenge. Several members have weighed in on Speed’s entrance into INDYCAR, good and bad. What do you think? Speed could be the first EVER American to compete in three events at IMS, The Brickyard 400, U.S. Grand Prix and the Indy 500.

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