IndyLights – Belardi Adds Liberty Engineering as Primary Sponor

Things are continuing to look upbeat for the Belardi team and their driver Anders Krohn. Today, Belardi Auto Racing announced that they have added Liberty Engineering as their primary sponsor for the entire 2011 Firestone Indy Lights season. In recent years, the Firestone Indy Lights series has been a hard sell, especially without having a television contract until a couple weeks ago. Hearing that a smaller team to the series was able to secure a solid sponsor such as Liberty Engineering is very good news.

“Certainly the brand attributes of INDYCAR’s Firestone Indy Lights align well with our mission here at Liberty Engineering. Innovation, technology and speed are all key components to our success in providing service to the biggest names in the food industry, but beyond branding, it’s truly the business-to-business opportunity offered by the team in the motorsports environment. The ability to allow our customers to leverage the many tools of motorsports marketing, i.e. trackside sampling and interaction with customers, hospitality for entertaining, and utilizing showcars at tradeshows and retail locations, are tremendous resources to be able to pass on to our customers.” — John Akelaitis, Liberty Engineering General Manager

Belardi Auto Racing is also competing in the US F2000 series this year, and Liberty Engineering will be supporting their efforts there as well. Their partnership with the team will go far beyond the typical sidepod advertisement and trackside hospitality benefits, however. The company hopes to utilize their partnership with Belardi and then INDYCAR to develop products specifically targeted toward us open-wheel race fans. One idea that was put forward in their press release was gummy IndyCars! How cool would that be?

, “There is a new energy at INDYCAR. An openness and a willingness to truly work with teams and their partners to grow business in a beneficial way for all involved. This partnership will not only provide Liberty Engineering a great branding experience but also provide access to a plethora of diverse new markets as well as the opportunity to network within the INDYCAR arena and extend those opportunities to their customers. “ — LeeAnne Nash, Director of Marketing, Belardi Auto Racing

You can learn more about Belardi Auto Racing and see the entire press release at You can find out more about Liberty Engineering at

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