Help Martin Plowman Raise Money for Military Charities

Martin Plowman has graciously started a project to help raise $10,000 for two charities involving the military. Below are his tweets from earlier:

Listen up tweeps! I need you all to pay attention for a moment please!! I am going to try to raise a lot of money for two good causes HELP FOR HEROES and the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT. As part of the deal, I will be getting a military style CREW CUT whilst on board the USS Enterprise in the Gulf sea. I have set up TWO seperate donation pages. One for Help for Heroes and the other for Wounded warrior project. My aim is to get well over $10,000. This seems a little ambitious, but these guys sure deserve it and we really should give it! To see me get a crew cut please donate to HELP FOR HEROES at To see me get a crew cut donate to WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT at I could do with all of your help on this, this is a big project and I would appreciate your help! Please tweet, retweet and tweet some more! Thank you! 🙂

Lets help Martin get that haircut and support two AMAZING causes! Click the links in the tweet message to donate!

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