Spell it ‘IZOD INDYCAR’ and just stop complaining!

Just a quick commentary on the new spelling of “INDYCAR”.

So the last few years the series went from “IRL” to “IndyCar” Series. Well in 2010 the series got a title sponsor in IZOD. And notice it is spelled in all capital letters. Look it up, they are not “Izod” They always use all capitals in their logo and press releases. Just go to www.IZOD.com and notice in the “About IZOD” section. The corporation’s PR staff always spell it “IZOD”

So when they made up the series logo (which is a registered trademark) the sponsor’s name and the series name are all in capital letters. So this is really just a case of unity. It looks very unorganized as “IZOD IndyCar”. Hence the logo was all caps. It just took the series Media Relations staff a season to change their way of spelling “INDYCAR”.

So keeping the series in capitals with the people bankrolling it in IZOD is all unity. I know this a novel idea for you Champ Car fans. But the best way for open wheel racing to move forward is unity. Not constant name calling, complaining, and bickering, which is all common among the still faithful to a dead series.

I’m sure over at Trackforum this is the norm. Look for any tiny little thing to blow out of proportion and complain until ones face turns blue. That is also why I do not waste my time going on that waste of a site. I want to hear people complaining for the sake of complaining I will turn on Fox News, or visit a retirement home. (I do neither!)

And I mean no disrespect to my fellow bloggers who griped about this change yesterday but two points.

ONE: Look at the logo you all have been fans of this past season. Since last winter it has been “INDYCAR”.

TWO: It is not a switch to NASCAR! That would require stereotyping all the fans of the series as one specific political party, one specific religion, fans of one specific form of American music, and all one specific skin tone. (Woops did I just say that? See the outrage over Toyota entering and yet the joy when then German owned MOPAR returned. Or the boos for Montoya the white Canadian, Tasmanian and European drivers don’t seem to get.)

If all these fans and bloggers are outraged over it going from “IndyCar” to “INDYCAR”, why no out rage they never had a proper space between ‘Indy’ and ‘Car’?

Let’s stop picking at straws in the off season. We know the bigger problem is figuring out who will Graham Rahal take his sponsorship to, and starting a satellite team for the “Big C”.

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21 Thoughts to “Spell it ‘IZOD INDYCAR’ and just stop complaining!

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  2. Sorry, Spike, but this post only demonstrates a lack of understanding of both basic editorial standards and the IndyCar style guide.

    IZOD has always been in all caps. It’s in all caps everywhere — no one disputes the correctness of that. However, despite how it appears in the logo shown above, the name of the Series for the entirety of 2010 was correctly rendered in in-line text as the IZOD IndyCar Series, and it continues to be thus going forward. That part hasn’t changed.

    Also, the 2010 style guide indicated that the name IndyCar refers to the current iteration of open-wheel racing in America, while Indy car (with spaces) is the correct way to refer to past forms of open-wheel racing. The Series had already dictated a distinct difference between the use of the two terms and uses Indy car actively when publishing, for example, statistics that include results from former racing series such as Champ Car or CART.

    The new use of the term INDYCAR in all caps, on the other hand, very specifically refers *only* to the name of the sanctioning body, i.e. Randy Bernard is the CEO of INDYCAR, sanctioning body of the IZOD IndyCar Series.

    You have to admit that adds far more to the confusion than it detracts (the fact that it also looks a bit goofy notwithstanding).

    And despite your assertion to the contrary, it looks quite plain to myself and to many others that capitalizing INDYCAR is an attempt to make the name appear similar to NASCAR in the eyes of the public. I don’t think it’s off-base to gripe that we should be attempting to appear *more* distinct from NASCAR, not closer to it. Also, NASCAR is an acronym while INDYCAR is not, which just gives the “hey, we’re just like NASCAR, look at us!” feel of the whole thing a slight smack of desperation. It’s not becoming of a Series that’s finally getting legs under it and coming into its own.

    So, I disagree quite strongly that this is simply picking straws. The appearance of a few letters can have a huge difference in the realm of media and public relations. Of course, the deal is done and is unlikely to change at this point, so the complaints will likely fall on deaf ears. But that doesn’t make them any less legitimate.

  3. For me it is about how you want to present yourself. IZOD IndyCar seems like wimpycar to me. If you have a double header in Vegas do you really want “IndyCar” in bright lights? IZOD INDYCAR seems loud and that is what you want when you are trying to attract a new generation fans. I was certainly surprised that folks were putting so much into the way the letters look or how they are presented. I think it helps bring attention to the series but will not have anything to with the on track product which is what is important right now.

  4. correction to my comment above. So just the sanctioning body…fair enough.

    As far as the NASCAR look a like comparrison, I guess I just don’t get it. When I first heard the idea I didn’t even think NASCAR. It was really a non issue to me I guess. I am confused and maybe someone can explain as to what PR or media issues this causes? INDYCAR deals with all things including Road to Indy and the big cars. It is not just the sanctioning body of the series but its feeders as well.

  5. Steph thanks for reading. As for all caps, what about MLB, NFL, NHL, CFL, or FIA? I say this since ‘INDY’ is short for Indianapolis and there is no ‘Y’ in the full name.

    As a matter of fact check the post I had yesterday for World AIDS day. Where I link the part about the false drug test. Notice in 1990 the New York Times (The alleged best Newspaper the U.S. has to offer.) called the National Football League ‘N.F.L.’ now it is the NFL.

    The real problem is the IZOD INDYCAR Series is not listed in the AP Stylebook. Only NASCAR is by name. So as far as I see it even with my “lack of basic editorial standards” it is open for debate until the series can land their listing in THAT guide, the only one that really matters!

    Lastly the series has always been part of an evolution, unless they are about to drop engines in front of the driver we all should be cool with change. As for counting CART/ Champ Car stats, when do they ever count USAC Gold Crown stats?

    The biggest point of all is if the Series Sugar Daddy in IZOD want all caps, they get all caps.

  6. You know the more l read this site and listen to the podcast the more I LOVE it. Every INDYCAR fan with a twitter account was complaining about this yesterday and it was very tiresome to read though all the tweets complaining about the same thing. Mostly from people who I expected better out of. It is something that made absolutely no difference to anything. What does it matter if it’s capped or not? It doesn’t. I’m really glad you guys posted this because I was starting to feel like I was the only one who thought this was silly. It seems the fan base doesn’t know what to do with all the good news so they have to make up something to complain about. I’m really sick of hearing how great Champ Car was too. We’re one series now with a great new leader, let’s get behind him and move forward. FORWARD PEOPLE. Let’s stop talking about who did what back in the day and try and get our friends interested in new series ahead. Love the site and I’m sorry it took me so long to find it.

  7. The way I see it is like this:

    INDYCAR = Sanctioning body for US F2000 National Championship, Firestone Indy Lights, and the IZOD IndyCar Series
    IndyCar = a colloquialism, short for IZOD IndyCar Series
    Indy car = reference to the top level of American open-wheel racing throughout history.

    That’s how I see it. Quite honestly, I find all this arguing rather silly. The league made the decision to move away from the “Indy Racing League” name and IRL abbreviation that many wanted, now there’s all this bickering about “INDYCAR”. /rolleyes

  8. Very weird how a post about the rendering of a name suddenly becomes an attack on Champ Car fans, what brought that on? Isn’t the whole point of the rebranding to move away from all this pathetic sniping? There was no need whatsoever to say that. It is a terrible shame if you think all Champ Car fans are remotely like the dregs that hang out in TrackForum.
    Opinions some of us held in 2003 are not necessarily opinions held today.

  9. All right — one more try since I’m clearly incapable of leaving well enough alone.

    Check this out:

    MLB: Major League Baseball
    NFL: National Football League
    NHL: National Hockey League
    CFL: Canadian Football League
    FIA: Fédération internationale de l’automobile
    NASCAR: National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
    INDYCAR: …?

    The first six items in this list are acronyms. INDYCAR is not an acronym. Therefore, rendering it in all caps is flat-out wrong. Spike, your point that Indy is short for Indianapolis is exactly why it should *not* appear in all caps — doing so gives the impression that each letter stands for something, which isn’t the case.

    And yes, it is problematic that the IZOD IndyCar Series and its associated properties aren’t listed in the AP Stylebook. However, AP, the Chicago Manual of Style, and any other style book worth its salt derives such standards from those given to them by the organizations themselves — meaning that INDYCAR has to define its various names *before* passing those definitions on to the guides. And that’s exactly what it’s doing now — but the issue that’s getting people complaining is that there are now three different and legitimate ways of presenting the name IndyCar, each of which serves a different purpose and one of which is goofy and stylistically incorrect. It just looks bad, and INDYCAR is already taking flack over it.

    But the more important point here, as Doug mentioned, is that INDYCAR is moving away from using the IRL acronym and has been for months, which is a victory that’s greater than anything we’re discussing here. It could have been done in a much more clear and concise way to hasten the changeover, but at least the changeover is happening.

    (P.S. IZOD has nothing at all to do with this change — this has been driven entirely by Randy Bernard based on comments he’s received from Series participants and fans.)

  10. Ok fair enough Steph. You are correct in the case of Indy vs MLB and such. But what matters most is that people other than us talk about the Series. And if it takes that move for us Americans, well then I’m cool with it. All that matters most is the series gets coverage. (And listed in the AP Stylebook! I have already sent a submission they do so in the new edition.)

    I still think it looks more uniform than IZOD IndyCar. I’m sure IZOD is happy with this move. Lastly I’m still more interested in where Graham Rahal and TK will be than this change.

  11. Oy vey! Uf Dah! and all those other things…. I’m just glad they didn’t make the new trophy part of a new logo.

    I’m further glad that INDYCAR is giving us some quality street course events, some new ovals, a new (and proven effective) direction in leadership, an enhanced focus on the ladder system, some collusion with USAC, some integrity in the talent level on the track, new manufacturers for engines and aero kits, revitalized interest from teams and sponsors who have left open wheel and generally a positive outlook going into the future.

    INDYCAR, Indy Car, Circle City Car, stark-raving-mad-drivers-like-to-drive-our-car, “I’d sooner sit in an electric chair” car, whatever! Happy is me!

  12. Pat W sorry if you took the tongue and cheek the wrong way. (Had to use Champ Car to built to a unity punchline.)

    But I will note it is still very common to read complaints followed by “..oh I miss Champ Car.” so it has not been a popular change for all on the Champ Car side.

    I will say that CART was a big half in the absence of Open Wheel racing here in the Poconos. Now we have new leaders on both sides, and unlike CART/Champ Car a clean slate for discussion here. So yes I am glad to see unity and one entity by name is no longer.

    I am even more thrilled to see Randy Bernard has done more in six months than Tony George did in ten years!

  13. “It just looks bad, and INDYCAR is already taking flack over it”.

    From about 12 Angry people on Twitter. By all means then changes it to lowercase. Roll eyes.

  14. Thanks everyone for the spirited debate. Thank you Mr. Analog for the kind words!

    Ready to move on to things that are track and team related.

  15. “From about 12 Angry people on Twitter.”

    It’s a bit closed-minded to assume that Twitter is the only place a matter is being discussed simply because that’s the only place you’ve seen discussion.

    But I agree with Shaun. We’re kicking a dead horse at this stage.

  16. ” But I agree with Shaun. We’re kicking a dead horse at this stage.”

    And INDYCAR fans don’t dig animal cruelty. We leave that for the NFL. *Rimshot*

    PS: Is it 2012 yet? lol

  17. To Steph

    If you are still THIS fired up about it, e-mail Randy with your concerns. Pressdog has a link somewhere on his site.

    ALL CAPS or upper and lower case it matters little to me which way it ends up. I think the whole thing is silly.

    Yes, most of the discussion I have seen has been on Twitter by people I follow (including you) but that’s where I to get my IndyCar (OR INDYCAR) news since it usually links me to other sites like this one. My point was it was much a do about nothing from my viewpoint only. Others may disagree as is their right. But that’s me being closed minded again. 🙂

    To Shaun

    I really enjoyed the last podcast and the Pippa Mann interview, and I will be tuning in going forward.

    it’s still okay to like Pippa Mann right? 🙂



  18. Mike (Mr. Analog), its ALWAYS okay to like Pippa Mann! I’m sorry the audio wasn’t better, but at least the person that mattered (Pippa) came through ok. We do appreciate your listening and reading, and although we may have disagreements regarding style and usage of IndyCar/INDYCAR, I think we can all agree that the series that races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway every May is the best spectator sport in the world.

  19. indyram500

    Spike I am totally indifferent about this issue. I found that the only thought going through my tiny brain was STOP BITCHING!!! we have a title sponsor, we are getting new cars, more engine choices….all in all this is a non issue!!!! I happen to find IndyCar more pleasing to my eyes. But who cares??? It’s been christmas on a few occasions already this year…let us not screw it up by complaining about that which does not matter!!

  20. I agree with Indyram500. This all caps thing just doesn’t bug me. Although it appears to bug some beyond belief.

    You know what does bug me? Takuma Sato, E. J. Viso, and Mario Moraes all appear to have full time rides next year.

    Paul Tracy 2003 Champ Car series champion,
    Dan Wheldon 2005 Indy 500 winner and IRL series champion,
    and Tony Kanaan 2004 IRL series champion

    DON’T have full time rides yet.

    Neither does 2009 most popular FIL driver Pippa Mann appear to have a seat anywhere yet.

    These things bug me. That and the fact i just realized I should have been referring to her as PIPPAMANN. 🙂

  21. Alan Turner

    I’m with Spike and Doug on this one. Sorry Steph but with out seeing your resume I’m going to assume that Randy Bernard knows a heck of allot more about marketing and merchandising and promotion of brands than you do. Quit trying to find things to whine about that are non starters and be thankful that we have a series to name. This could have been much worse and I for one am just damn glad we have INDYCAR or Indy car or indie kar or how ever the hell else you think is the right way to spell it. And people think I’m being pretentious when I correct them when the say “the point is mute” Geez give it up already.

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