IndyCar – Behold, The New Champions Trophy (Gasp!)

The IZOD IndyCar Series unveiled their new champion’s trophy yesterday at a poolside party with Dario Franchitti, Will Power and a host of IZOD ladies. Dario and Will were in attendance due to winning the Oval and Road Course championship trophies respectively.

The IICS had to change their champion’s trophy from the old chrome cup emblazoned with “Indy Racing League” to a more suitable object that didn’t use the now defunct moniker. But I think they may have been better off using an angle grinder on the old trophy to remove the offending phrase.

Behold, Schlongo the Magnificent.

According to the article on the IICS website, this thing was supposed to embody the melding of man and machine in competition, but I fail to see how a well hung Dr. Doom riding a unicycle really gets that across. Seriously, this guy could use a Mexican wrestling mask or some purple spandex. What were they thinking? Maybe they were trying to pay homage to the Delta Wing concept.

Sorry for going so track forum negative on this one, but this is laughable… and inappropriate for children. I would love to hear reactions from venerable guys in the racing industry like Roger Penske, AJ Foyt, Eddie Gossage and Bruton Smith. Those would be great soundbites.

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6 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Behold, The New Champions Trophy (Gasp!)

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  2. I guess what makes it even more depressing is that the figure isn’t even an original creation, but a derivative of Gall’s earlier work seen at Barber Motorsports Park.

  3. Alan Turner

    When at Barber this past spring my 11yr. old says “What is that!!!” To which I said “it’s art, sculptures that are supposed to represent man and machine, you know the synthesis of racing.” His response was “OK, what ever. It looks stupid and a little bit scary” I think he’s got a good grip on the obvious.

  4. Alan Turner

    Schlongo the magnificent? Good one. But why does Schlongo’s name sake appendage protrude from the middle of his chest? Is he some sort of alien life form or is he the result of some horrible “lab incident?” Dr. Banner making up for some other deficiency rather than his lack of super human strength?

  5. Savage Henry

    Aren’t there like 5 women in the series now? What’s going to happen if one of them actually gets in the hunt for a title? How is Schlongo going to represent the female population? The series is trying to attract more female fans but I’m not sure having John Holmes (in all his glory) as your trophy model is going to make female fans feel that female drivers are held on equal standing in the series.

  6. Henry, I was reading your comment and laughing uncontrollably while talking to Doug. I am really glad the name is sticking. The first time I seen the trophy I could not believe it. First thing I said is you have to be kidding me. I thought it was a joke.

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