IndyCar – Aggregate Times for Indy 500 Practice Sessions So Far

Here are your combined aggregate times for practice sessions so far. Note that we are not making a distinction between “T” cars and regular entries. Also, note that we are not keeping track of Kanaan’s herculean effort taking laps in all 5 Andretti entries on Saturday.

At this point, financing for Bruno Juniquiera’s seat at FAZZT has not yet come through. I am starting to get concerned that it isn’t going to happen for Bruno this year. This was a class A move by FAZZT and Alex to bring Bruno onboard after Alex took his seat last year at the 500. Now, the class A move is losing some of its luster.

There are still 2 more cars on the entry list that haven’t taken laps yet, in addition to Bruno. Team 3G and AFS Racing (paired with Andretti) have official entries, but nothing has come of them yet.

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3 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Aggregate Times for Indy 500 Practice Sessions So Far

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  2. Alan Turner

    I still think it’s a class A gesture by FAZZT but it sounds like that the sponsor is either having financial problems or a problem living up to their commitments. Either way the honorable thing would have been to have said something prior to this point. Who is the sponsor?

  3. I have not heard who the sponsor is yet, but Alex did say that the check hasn’t come through yet and they are hopeful, but no optimistic.

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