Episode 37 – Open Paddock Podcast

Join Mike and me as we cover my thoughts on Kansas as well as some driver updates for the 500. We jump into a little F1 with Ferrari and China. Who doesn’t want to see more Chinese Grand Prix action! ;-P Sit back with one of your favorite beverages and enjoy our random rambling.

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2 Thoughts to “Episode 37 – Open Paddock Podcast

  1. Just listened to the podcast. 305hp for the new STi? …so… more than the Delta Wing, then, eh?

  2. Current STI has 305. 2011 is supposed to be “faster”. According to the guy at the local Subie dealership, this means more hp and more torque. They have yet to release the details though.

    They had a 2010 STI sitting on the lot when I went to talk with them about service on the Forester. It was WRC blue and it looked wicked sweet. Only problem was that the rims were graphite black, not gold. I could easily overlook that minor flaw. 😉

    Lets not mention Subaru and Delta Wing in the same sentence. The DW looks hideous, but hopefully it has put spurs into the sides of the ICONIC committee so that they are looking at more than spec engine/spec chassis.

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