IndyCar – Kansas Preview: A look at the history of open-wheel racing around Kansas City


An Interview with Kansas City Sprint Car Legend Luther Brewer:
Open-wheel racing has always been a major part of the motorsports scene in Kansas and Missouri. After WWII, motorsports throughout the country exploded in popularity, and the MidWest was the center of sprint and midget car racing. That rich tradition hasn’t faded. Every week, you can find winged and wingless sprint cars doing battle on dirt ovals across the Kansas City area. I thought about trying to piece together a review of the sprint car history from around the region, but then I stumbled across a couple of excellent videos on Racing From the Past. I figured why should you read my words pieced together from my research on the net, when you can watch and listen to someone who lived that history? Well, you shouldn’t.

Luther Brewer was a constructor of sprints and supermodifieds during the 1960s and early 70s in the Kansas City region. His cars were extremely successful and innovative. Everyone wanted to drive a Brewer car, and every other car builder was simply playing catch-up to his innovations and designs. Enjoy this video of Luther Brewer being interviewed on the evening of his induction to the Central Auto Racing Boosters, C.A.R.B., Hall of Fame.

You can read more about Luther Brewer and see photos of his cars at

Also from the good folk at Racing From The Past is this retrospective, Heroes of the Supermodified Persuasion.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the history of the IZOD IndyCar Series at Kansas Speedway including a look back at one of the most exciting final eight laps in all of IndyCar racing history.

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