F1 – Ferrari on Massa and 2011

Felipe Massa looks set to continue his driving days at Ferrari after the Italian marquee indicated their interest in extending his current deal. The man who joined Michael Schumacher in 2006 after a stint at Sauber becomes a free agent at the end of the season.

Currently Felipe leads the drivers championship after three rounds and has shown his championship potential in past seasons. There was news that Robert Kubica was going to take the seat after his Renault contract ends, but at this time I think that both Ferrari and Robert are happy with things. Robert Kubica has the Renault surging in the points round after round and has actually made them a real threat for constant podiums. Ferrari have easily one of the best lineups on the grid with both Alonso and Massa in the car. I feel that Massa will continue to drive hard after the championship and having Alonso alongside to push him, it will be sometime before we stop talking about Phil. I also think that Ferrari kinda owe it to the Brazilian. He performs brilliantly as a number two and I think that Ferrari helping him earn a championship would bring the relationship full circle.

Ferrari also announced that they have began work on the 2011 car. Next year there will be no super diffuser on the back of the car. This will change the game yet again as the cars will now have to work with a lot less downforce. While most Ferrari F1 cars are evolutions of previous seasons, Ferrari are calling their 2011 car a whole new challenger. Taking a clue from Brawn GP, I think that the early start will only help a team that certainly knows how to build race cars.

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