Rally – 2010 WRC iPhone App

The WRC has taken a technological leap forward with delivering their product to fans all over the world. The premier rally series has released an iPhone app that is simply BRILLIANT!

Unlike a number of racing apps out there for say F1 and ALMS, this WRC app has the ability to dial into the WRC radio station so as individuals on the move can tune into the rally via there mobile. That in itself makes the app worth the price. How much you ask? Oh thats right…its FREE! Along with the awesome radio capability you also get video, live timing and scoring for all three classes, driver bios, team bios, and all of your latest WRC news. However, don’t use that part because that is what we are for! 🙂 (just kidding).

I will assess the capability of the app this weekend in the heat of battle as Rally Jordan begins. I will say however, that this app is one of the best things to happen for a racing fan in a long time. Especially a WRC fan who gets his events televised like two weeks late. Also, this app will take away my dependence on the computer during rally weekend. Brilliant job by North One Sport and the WRC.

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4 Thoughts to “Rally – 2010 WRC iPhone App

  1. Is this the iRally app that Ford sponsors?

  2. no…this is an FiA WRC app that is official as they get.

  3. ARG! I can’t find it anywhere on the app store. *grumble*

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