F1 – USF1 Told to Stop Work

Well it was fun while it lasted, but the news out of Charlotte today is finally the end of what has been one ugly situation.

For the last few weeks USF1 has been the center of attention off the track. While teams tested and prepared for the season opener in Bahrain, the struggling American outfit has done nothing but sit in a stalled state. News of backers leaving and sponsors falling off has made for one ugly PR situation for the team that announced in February of 2009 their intentions to make the grid. Autosport has reported that shortly before lunch time, the personnel who remained after the nightmare began, were told they would be going on unpaid leave. There has been no official confirmation of the news, but given the silence after all the problems encountered in recent weeks; that should come as no surprise.

This now could potentially show the way for Stefan GP. The Serbian team spoke very badly of both the FiA and USF1 over the weekend leading me to believe it was not going to happen. This news may leave no other option for the FiA. The team is ready with a car and equipment already en route to Bahrain and Malaysia. The only thing in the way is USF1’s official withdraw from the championship, and FiA approval to compete.

It is a sad day for US motorsport and the United States’ future in the Formula 1 championship. While I applaud Peter Windsor and Ken Anderson for their attempts at showing the world what we yanks have to offer, I can’t help but leave this situation feeling a little insulted and foolish to believe it was ever going to happen.

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5 Thoughts to “F1 – USF1 Told to Stop Work

  1. It could have happened, it SHOULD have happened, but moving forward with promises before the team had the cash in hand was a huge mistake. They should have made sure that the checks really were going to clear before coming out with such bold statements about making the 2010 grid.

  2. agreed 100% Doug. Just poor management period.

  3. Peter and Ken are heading down to Argentina this week to eat crow and answer to where the $800,000 initial payment by the Lopez family went to. Reports are coming out that Rossiter also had a deal in place (for 8 million as well), but backed out in February since they saw no signs from the team that they would make the grid.

    Now we are left with FIA/FOTA/FOM rules to dictate whether anybody replaces them on the grid. Officially, USF1 has requested to be granted entry for 2011, but that seems highly unlikely. It sounds like Stefan GP will need unanimous approval from the teams to get in, but that seems unlikely since Mike Coughlin works for Stefan GP and Ferrari is unlikely to want him back in the sport.

    It may be that the grid is set at 12 teams and all are invited to bid for the 13th spot in 2011.

    Now we have to wonder if Campos can make it to the grid.

  4. orted

    Maybe Hurley should take a fraction of that cash and invest in a 2 car Indycar effort. Maybe like team Rahal Letterman for Graham and another good young american.

  5. Best idea I have heard all day! Oh how I will miss Graham this year. Apparently Ken Anderson says the team is making a push for 2011. Not gonna happen. These guys are dead in the water.

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