Rally – LDR Going WRC in Mexico!

As was mentioned on Episode 26 of the podcast this week, our very good friends at Last Ditch Racing have been given an opportunity that would be insane to turn down.

The crew has been offered a chance to yet again compete in a WRC event in Mexico. The only difference between the 100 Acre Wood Rally and Mexico for the team will be the car. T4 will be on the sideline freshly recovering from action in Missouri, while John takes command of a Peugeot 207. The event is going to feature the likes of Mikko Hirvonen, Sebastian Loeb, Petter Solberg, Kimi (Capt Crash) Raikkonen, and Ken Block. Holy Crap! The team is really busting their backsides trying to get into our area of the woods, and now will spend two consecutive weeks away from home. Want in on the action? This is a segment taken from John’s usual blog with some sponsorship info for our corporate readers ;):

For those of you that would like to be a part of this craziness, we are selling a limited number of decal opportunities for Rally Mexico. There’s no hidden fee structure-time is too short and I’m not clever enough. $1,000USD buys you a 4Γ—12″ decal on the car. $1,750 gets you a pair. Payment through paypal. Send us the image file and we’ll make the decals and get them to Mexico. We’re social networking nuts and will work hard for all Rally Mexico partners to get them the exposure they deserve.

Check out these stats on Rally Mexico! http://www.rallymexico.com/content.php?page=marketing

My e-mail is on this site. If you want in, get on it now! πŸ™‚

Thanks for all the support everyone! πŸ™‚

Follow John and the team through this craziness at their website: lastditchracing.com

The team is also on Facebook and Twitter under the Last Ditch Racing banner. They were not lying about social networking nuts….their pages are pinging!

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  1. Super stoked for John and the LDR guys. Just wish I could go down to Mexico to watch them. πŸ™

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