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6 Thoughts to “Video – Delta Wing Mock Lap at Long Beach

  1. Brad

    God, this THING looks stupid! The front view looks particularly ridiculous, repulsive, hideous, etc…

    Totally inappropriate on any race track. Maybe the Salt Flats.

    Owners, please save us from this THING and the destruction of IndyCar!!! Come to your senses!

  2. Don

    I was really excited about selecting a new chassis, now I just feel ill. What a sad development Delta THING is.

    Hate is too kind a word for this. I’m very concerned the owners will make an ultimatum to IndyCar that it’s this piece of crap or no racing.

    RIP IndyCar.

  3. Rick

    What is wrong with this picture? EVERYTHING!

    Please, someone tell me why it’s so stupid looking, and why is this the savior of IndyCar?

    The design objectives are good, but make it look like an Open Wheel or IndyCar!

  4. I am not sold on the Delta Wings looks, but I am sold on the solid engineering concepts and principles behind it.

    There has to be room for innovation at Indianapolis again. So I have to ask myself, what would I rather see?

    A more traditional swift/dallara/lola flat spec car with a honda flat spec engine


    An open design concept allowing engines from all manufacturers to be adapted cheaply to the car.
    A market created where parts and pieces of the car can be independently produced by small shops.

    Seriously, ask yourself which is better. A continued flat spec series which gathers a dwindling fanbase year after year or an open spec series that is at the cutting edge of relevant technology.

    Like I said, the Delta Wing is not the prettiest car, but the concept is what matters most. I agree with the Delta Wing group that a continued flat spec engine/chassis series will lead the IndyCar series further into irrelevance. Delta Wing may not be the answer, but they are the only ones offering a real solution right now.

  5. By the way Brad/Don/Rick or whoever you are…. It is apparent that you are posting comments to our website under multiple names. IP addresses associated with your comments do not lie.

    We are happy to have you here commenting, but in the future, post your comments under one name.

  6. john

    This looks like a demo from a crap computer game rather than the future of indycar. Delta Wing is not the future of indycar. The Lola car is the future if there is to be one.

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