Rally – Kimi Shows True Colors

Mercedes Grand Prix were not the only team to release a new livery today. Red Bull has issued a picture featuring Kimi Raikkonen and his new Citroen C4 and its livery as well.

Raikkonen who made his highly publicized switch to the WRC this fall turned in his Ferrari for a Citroen C4. The car looks amazing and will probably the best looking one running the stages, provided the Finn can keep the car right side up. Kimi will contest all rounds under the Citroen Junior satellite team except for New Zealand. The 2007 F1 champion has also said he will make a decision about his future this summer in regards to going back to F1. We shall wait patiently, but I think our young rookie should focus on the stages for now.

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One Thought to “Rally – Kimi Shows True Colors

  1. I can’t see Kimi coming back to F1. He won’t want to run for a mid-pack or worse team, and McLaren, Mercedes, and Ferrari have their drivers. I don’t expect much in the way of openings or changes at those squads for 2011.

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