F1 – Mercedes GP Reveals Their 2010 Racer

This morning, Mercedes GP revealed their 2010 race car, the MPG-W01, and its gorgeous! Today was just a stage show, but we’ll get to see the MPG-W01 on track on Feb. 1st when the team arrives in Valencia for the first of several pre-season testing sessions. The Valencia test will also be the first time we see Michael Schumacher at speed in a current F1 car since Ferrari forced his all-too-early retirement. Here are Ross Brawns comments on the release,

I think for me it is several things, one is a wonderful future for our team which a year ago never had a future, such an exciting partnership and such an exciting involvement for us,” said Brawn, who achieved great success with Schumacher during their stint at Ferrari.

“It is a great thing, working with Michael again is a very special treat and something I didn’t think would happen again.

“It’s so exciting and so motivational for me and the team to be involved. Nico is a very exciting prospect who will make a wonderful partner for Michael. Nico has been in a racing for a number of years but he will enjoy working with Michael and seeing how a seven-time champion operates.

“But also the final thing is being the part of a rebirth of a racing brand so iconic as Mercedes. It’s been 55 years since Mercedes had its own racing team. I have been very privileged in my career to be involved in special things but this is very exciting to be involved in.” —Autosport.com

Things are looking fantastic for the “new” team. In fact, I’d take an even-money bet on Mercedes versus the field in taking this year’s constructor’s championship. They’ll have a great chassis, as a continuation from last season, the undisputed best engines on the grid, and the most successful Formula 1 driver ever. With the new MPG-W01, they’ll race to the championship in style as well. Its a fine looking race car!

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3 Thoughts to “F1 – Mercedes GP Reveals Their 2010 Racer

  1. It should be noted of course that this was a livery/branding/driver launch with a Brawn painted in the new colours – the new car will break cover next week.

  2. True enough, Pat. All reveals are usually more about the sponsors and the drivers. The actual car will be a bit different when it arrives for testing in Valencia, and different again for the first race in Australia. However, I don’t expect and significant changes in overall appearence since the aero regs aren’t much different than 2009. The only major change teams will have to deal with is carrying all that fuel!

  3. I cant get used to it either Doug, so I wont rib you too much. First race = Bahrain. You knew that, you just didn’t type it.

    Lots of action through the course of this week on into next week. 7 new challengers on track on monday at Jerez.

    Torro Rosso

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