Rally – Last Ditch Racing Interview

John Cassidy from Last Ditch Racing was recently interviewed by Gearbox Magazine. John is a frequent contributer here at Open Paddock so we want to give him all the love we can.  Step on over to Gearbox and take a look, the interview is very good and the photography is excellent as well.

John has competed in several different rally series including Rally America, the Canadian Rally Championship and even WRC and has won the Rally America Eastern Regional Championship for the last two years. The whole Open Paddock crew is heading out to the 100 Acre Wood Rally in Salem, Missouri at the end of February to support John and the team and cover the event from the field.

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One Thought to “Rally – Last Ditch Racing Interview

  1. I had a chance to read the interview yesterday and it was awesome! Photos were really good as well. The one with the huge jump was really cool. Guy asked some really good questions.

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