F1 – Rossi Happy With Ferrari Test

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Valentino Rossi, undisputed G.O.A.T. of motorcycle road racing, completed yet another test with Ferrari wtih flying colors. This time, he was in the F2008 shoed with GP2-spec slicks and set a blistering time for someone who has had only a couple of sessions in a Formula 1 car. His quick time around the Barcelona circuit was 1:21.900. To put this into perspective, Autosport.com pulled out the pole time for this year, and for 2008. Jenson Button won pole last year with a 1:20.527, and Kimi’s 2008 pole was secured with a time of 1:21.813. That puts Rossi less than a tenth away from Kimi’s time in the same car. However, we can’t make direct comparisons as Rossi was on slicks and Kimi of course was on grooved tyres. The real measure of how good Rossi’s time is will be seen after Massa has had a crack at Barcelona in the same car.

Ferrari has been pushing for a third car for some time now, and many simply assumed that it was in efforts to get Schumacher back on track. Well, he’s back, but not with Ferrari. That hasn’t stopped the rumors of Ferrari trying to cajole the FIA into allowing a third car. My spectulation (and yes, I have no hard data so this is all a giant SWAG) is that Luca would love to put Vale into the seat. Its a fit that makes a lot of sense. Vale is huge everywhere, but in Italy he ranks right next to the Pope! Can you imagine the crowds if Rossi were to drive a Ferrari at Monza? Mama mia! Although I and many others would miss watching him mentally torture the other MotoGP riders, I would love to see him in F1. From his recent tests, he certainly has the right stuff!

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