Episode 21 – Open Paddock Podcast

Join Mike and I this week as we travel to South America for Dakar….ok not really…but we cover it and have a Robbie Gordon revelation. We cover Ken Block to WRC, RHR to Andretti and hit a couple F1 high points. All in all it is a great show and it is signed, sealed, and delivered as it is nearly every week.

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2 Thoughts to “Episode 21 – Open Paddock Podcast

  1. Jim

    great show guys. Nick Mason is a huge car guy. he owns and has done some classic race car racing ( I know one was like a IMSA prototype) as well as regular road cars

  2. Thanks Jim, we appreciate your feedback. Pretty neat how Nick’s daughter married into the Franchitti family. I wonder how Ashley Judd feels about Pink Floyd?

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