IndyCar – Driver of the Decade Poll

IndyCarLogoPlanet IRL is running a poll right now to determine the blogosphere’s temperature on the completely subjective question; ‘Who do you think the driver of the decade is?’ So, what do you think. Be sure to defend your answer in the comments.

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3 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Driver of the Decade Poll

  1. I can appreciate this poll because Danica is not on it. I vote Juan Montoya. Why?? Do I really need to explain it? The guy killed the 500 and won at will in CART. Not only that but he is successful at everything.

  2. Ha, we didn’t get any responses with Danica so she is not included 🙂 I like that plucky French bloke

  3. One win does not get you on the list lol! French guy was good in CART and everything not related to F1….but Montoya was good at CART and F1 and his doing a pretty bang up job in NASCRAP too!

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