F1 – Brawn Suckered by Fraudulent Sponsorship Deal, Sound Familiar?

Brawn12In a story all too familiar to IndyCar fans, Henkel says the person who signed the sponsorship deal with Brawn GP did not have the authority to do so, and thus Henkel has no financial obligation to the team. Doesn’t this sound exactly like what happened to Sarah Fisher Racing last May? This story, however, gets even better. This is F1 afterall, even fraud scandals have to have some level of political intrigue. As it turns out, Brawn GP new of this deficiency in the paperwork back in late September, long before the deal with Mercedes was completed. This means that BrawnGP, knowing that their primary sponsorship was nothing but faerie’s gold, conned Mercedes into purchasing the team. One has to wonder what this will mean for Mercedes continuance with the team. Surely, if they want, they can claim that the sale was made under false pretenses and back out of the BrawnGP deal. This sure throw a wrench into the works regarding Schumacher’s rumored return. I just hope this doesn’t result in the withdrawal of what was set to be my favourite team on the grid in those magnificent Silver Arrows. Hopefully, the truth to all this is not as dire as it seems right now.

You can read more about this sponsorship funny business at Autoweek.com.

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