Gran Turismo 5 Indy500 Contest

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For those of you with a Playstation 3, get ready to download the Gran Turismo 5 trial when it hits the Playstation Network Store on December 17th. This trial will include only two cars, the Nissan 370-Z in stock configuration, and the Nissan 370-Z in tuned configuration, and only one playable track. Ordinarily, my first reaction to this would be to rant about how lame and how this is not even worth being called a tease. However, Polyphony Digital has significantly sweetened the pot with an offer that will have me spending every spare moment propped in front of my TV with driving wheel in hand and pedals under foot. Between the trial release on December 17th until January 25th, Polyphony will hold a contest to see who can post the fastest combined laptimes for the two 370-Zs. What’s in it for the winner? How about a VIP package for two to the 94th running of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race this coming May? The winner will get two VIP suit tickets for both Carb Day and Race Day, full garage and pit access, Victory Lane access pre-race and post-race and a ride in the 2010 Indy500 Event Vehicle. The good people at IMS and Polyphony haven’t forgotten our Canadian brethren, either. There will be separate contests and winners for the US and Canadian players. Good news for the Canadians, since they might as well just award me with the US prize right now. 😀 It will be interesting to see who gets the runner-up prizes behind me, though.

More details and contest rules can be found at the Gran Turismo 5 website.

370z_08_11a…Powered by Gran Turismo 5’s brand-new physics engine, the Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge features both a stock and a tuned version of the new Nissan 370Z, and includes two time trial events on a single track, one for each version of the car. Players are invited to put the game through its paces, pushing their driving skills to post their best lap times for both versions of the Nissan 370Z.

Both US and Canada will run their own contest, with separate winners chosen for each country. At the end of the competition period, the winner with the best combined time for both tuned and non-tuned Time Trials will drive away with round trip airfare and hotel accommodations for two (winner and guest) to attend the Indianapolis 500® Mile Race on May 30, 2010, as well as a VIP package which includes two (2) VIP suite tickets and all-access passes to the garage, pit area, and Victory Lane for pre- and post-race celebrations for the race. The VIP package also includes all-access passes for Carb Day®–which includes the final Indy 500® practice, pit stop competition and special concert festivities–as well as special event car rides in the 2010 Indy 500 event vehicle….

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3 Thoughts to “Gran Turismo 5 Indy500 Contest

  1. Doug.

    You better post your lap times… so the rest of us have something to shoot for. 😉

  2. Absolutely! They suck right now. …best time after 5 hot laps is only 1:59, but I’ve already given up on the controller. I’ll be getting a wheel sometime this weekend, and then I’ll be able to start posting some more respectable lap times. Turn 3 looks like it will be my bane. I’ve had problems with sudden oversteer on exit, and that just kills my entry into Turn 4.

  3. Im waiting to the last second Doug….pull a Vettel and pip you on the last possible day! 😉

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