F1 – Rosberg Would Welcome Schumi

michaelAs speculation about a Schumacher return picks up steam, the man forgotten in all of this finally speaks. Nico Rosberg left Williams F1 in pursuit of a winning team and a championship. That was of course until the greatest F1 pilot in history started stirring the pot.

Not all is bitter in the Mercedes garage however. Rosberg has been recently quoted as saying he would welcome Michael Schumacher to the german marquee’s team and would gladly share a seat with the seven times champion. Rosberg was quoted as saying to Swiss publication Motorsport Aktuell:

“It would be a very interesting challenge, and a super lineup.”

Rosberg was quick to say that his comments have nothing to do with the move actually taking place. Willi Webber however has made some interesting comments as well regarding the Christmas timeline that may actually now may be extended. It is my humble opinion that it is going to end up happening in the long run. This talk is the same sorta talk that was heard when Schumacher was contemplating a return for Massa’s sake. He has the desire to drive and compete at the highest form of motorsport, while also the talent. If he must wait until after the holidays to get signed and in the seat, he will have no problem adapting.

So what is the public opinion on this? There are mixed emotions on his potential comeback, what do you think? Can he still compete? Can he win a championship?

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