Rally – New Super 2000 Class for WRC

Acquiescing to concerns from the teams that the Super 2000 and Group N performance gap was becoming too wide, the FIA has proposed separating the two specifications for the 2010 season. The current production class of the WRC, which allows for both S2000 and N4 cars, will be split into two distinct championships. The S2000 cars will compete in the S-WRC class and the N4 cars will compete in the P-WRC class. These two will join the two-wheel drive Junior Championship, J-WRC as support classes for the WRC next season.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement at WRC.com:

wrc1Next year the two classes are likely to get their own FIA titles. The P-WRC is expected to revert to its previous brief as a championship for drivers using only four-wheel drive production cars, also known as group N4, while a proposed Super 2000 Car World Rally Championship (S-WRC) would be open only to drivers and teams using Super 2000 cars.

The WRC Cup for Teams – a classification already approved by the FIA – is likely to be incorporated within the S-WRC and run alongside the drivers’ championship.

What does this mean for us the fans? I will certainly give the various rallies a greater sense of competition and excitement. The Group N cars simply could not compete with the Super 2000 spec cars, and so it seemed pointless to watch. Existing now as two separate championships, there will be more interesting competition to watch from event to event. The thing that really startles me about the whole situation is the impetus for the proposed change, competitors’ feedback. What? The FIA actually LISTENED to someone? Inconceivable!

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