IndyCar – Danica’s New Ride

DanicasNewRideNot that its a big surprise, but Danica confirmed the three-year deal everyone knew she had with Andretti Autosport. The mild surprise is her change in primary sponsorship. Motorola is out and no where to be seen on the new car. is now featured prominently adding yet another green car to the grid. I guess Andretti Autosport either isn’t superstitious, or has never heard that green is an unlucky colour for race cars. Either way, as anticipated, Danica is back with the IZOD IndyCar Series for no less than three years. Here’s a clip of the announcement on Andretti Autosport’s website.

“All of us at Andretti Autosport are looking forward to having Danica back with the team and are excited about working with Bob Parsons and everyone at Go Daddy as the primary sponsor on Danica’s car. Go Daddy brings a lot of energy to our team and to the IZOD IndyCar Series. We’re very excited about the opportunity to work with them in 2010 and beyond.”

“Danica is the quintessential Go Daddy Girl. Danica is a beautiful woman competing in a male-dominated sport. She’s passionate. She’s focused. She’s all about doing what it takes to win and we love that about her. Not to mention she’s edgy, smokin’ hot and as tough as any competitor anywhere. We are very good together.”

“I’m happy to be able to announce that I’m returning to Andretti Autosport. Michael Andretti has helped me become a better driver and we hope to accomplish a great deal during the next few years together. Bob Parsons and Go Daddy have believed in me from the start. You know, my life long goal is to win the Indy 500 and I’d love to do that in the car.”

My question is, “Where did Motorola go?” Did they simply leave the series, or will we see a Motorola/Boost-Mobile car elsewhere on the grid? They’re certainly not listed as one of Andretti Autosport’s sponsors, at least not at the moment. Whereas I’m happy to see a sponsor like step up to a primary role, I’m also bummed to see a long-time sponsor like Motorola go away. Rahal? Are you paying attention? This might be an opportunity for you! Grab Motorola and sponsor John Edwards!

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4 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Danica’s New Ride

  1. We can finally lay that stupid NASCRAP rumor mill down for at least a few months. Good to see a sponsor that can actually market Danica and in my opinion they are much better than the Motorola sponsorship. Motorola is no longer really a giant amongst the mobile communications market….at least not at the level they once were and is a trendy money giant. This site is actually ran off of Godaddy server space…Mr. Parsons….he can sponsor us too right?

  2. That bright green on the car looks ok, but the driver’s suit looks ridiculous. Take a look at to see danica’s new duds.

    Cavin said all this last week in his pitpass column, but now we have pictures and an official announcement. Most of the stories though have had the caveat that there has been no announcement on the nascar deal.

  3. I wouldn’t say that we can lay the NASCAR rumors to rest. They just weren’t settled with today’s announcement. A part-time ARCA and/or Nationwide drive may still be in Danica’s future.

  4. ATB73

    A photo of Danica appeared on go-daddy.coms website of Danica in a JR Motorsports firesuit. It was quickly removed after being up for less than an hour. a little oops, not just yet. They are still dotting eye’s and crossing Tees.

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