Rally – No Gurantees on Pirelli

cyprus_rally_tires_featureWhile reading Autosport’s web page this morning for all of the latest F1 news, I noticed that the dominoes may start to fall in the WRC before long. The site had an article posted which states that Pirelli is not guranteeing anything to the FiA in regards to its WRC contract as sole tire supplier.

“We will study the interest in the sport and gauge the effect of our current supply contract to the WRC. I can then present to the board of Pirelli, but it’s not a given that we will get the nod from them.

“Don’t forget, we’ve had to close factories, lay people off and sometimes the sport has to come second. This is purely a financial thing.”

That is a statement from Paul Hembery who is director of motorsport for Pirelli. The document he is speaking of is the FiA proposal to Pirelli for extending their current deal another three years. The current deal is also a three year contract that ends after next season. Pirelli earlier in the week snubbed the FiA on supplying tires to the Formula 1 championship as well as the WRC.

One of the unique programs offered by Pirelli to the WRC is the Pirelli Star Driver expirience. This program takes five drivers from various locations around the world and puts them in Group N rally cars for six events in the attempt to get signed with a bigger team.

Autosport is also reporting that Michelin is looking to pick up the contract in the event Pirelli falls out. They would fly the BF Goodrich flag that is currently represented in the IRC. Pirelli is reportedly not intrested in supplying another 11 million euros to the WRC, but the FiA may neogtiate and lower the cost in an attempt to keep the Italian supplier.

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