Le Mans – Nissan & Maserati Return

nissan-gtr-fai-gt1-carAs the economic crisis continues to hurt the different Le Mans series across the globe, there is now news that the rules may change slightly to allow some GT1 cars into the field for the annual 24 hour race.

Nissan and Maserati have had a long and impressive history in the 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race, and they are now set to make a return under new guidance that looks to help the GT1 class and the field overall. The Autombile Club de l’Ouest will now allow the GT1 World Championship series cars to compete and the first two to jump on the advantage was Gigawave Racing and their Nissan GT-R and the Vitaphone with their Maserati MC-12s. The MC-12 squad had been previously banned from the race due to a completely carbon fiber chassis that was unique to most sports cars. According to Autosport, the car was outlawed by the ACO and since the change in regulations, now will see action on the historic track.

If you remember visiting our site shortly before Le Mans this past year, you would know that the Gigawave Aston Martin that was scheduled to compete this past year pulled out due to the Nissan program. Now we will see the team competing with the Nissan as they continue to conform to the ACO standards.

Hopefully this will help the struggling GT1 class that has actually been removed from the races as the American Le Mans series changed the running rules. I am excited to see the Maserati on track as the MC-12 was the clone to the Enzo Ferrari. The ACO expects at least 10 of these GT class cars to enter the 24 hour spectacle next year.

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