Rally – WRC to Propose 15 Round 2011

2008 WRCThe ISC has come forward and announced plans to increase the WRC calendar to 15 rallies as opposed to the 12 we had this season. What is even more interesting is some of the reported locations the ISC are scoping out for these rounds…

The WRC has been running redline all month with nothing but positive news coming from the series on a seemingly daily basis. Something the IndyCar series could learn about generating interest in your series, however that is for another day. The ISC has stated that they want to run a longer calendar in 2011 and introduce scores of events in the next couple years. The rotation system that is currently in use will remain in use, attempting to generate competition between event organizers. This is one spot where the ISC must be careful, if events demands are not met for the WRC, the IRC is a very appealing alternative. The added events have not been announced yet, but this is where the news gets really good.

We will have to wait sometime to find out what events will be included, but the ISC also announced some ambitions for the 2012 season as well. On the list of PLANNED events was a rally to be held in the US!! The WRC speeding through American soil…when I read this I had to do a double take. Africa, Russia, China, and Brazil were also on the list of planned events beginning in 2012. While none of the events are set in stone, The ISC has made a good reputation for itself by not reporting rumor or things that are on one minute and off the next…Bernie I am looking in your direction. Ladies and Gentleman…the WRC is back and has finally regained some momentum from the IRC.

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