F1 – Defend Spa via Petition

spaAs I have detailed on the podcast, my own personal quad-fecta of F1 tracks is Spa, Suzuka, Melbourne & Montreal. Unfortunately all of them have been under assault from FOM over the last few years with Spa, Suzuka and Montreal all going missing at times. But FOM isn’t at the heart of the noise complaints that temporarily shut down Spa this year after its GP.

Spa-Francorchamps lost their operating license due to a decision by the local Council of States decision to suspend it until 2026. This was due to noise violations.

We here at the Paddock have no sympathy for those who live around the track who feel that the circuit is too loud. Spa has been in operation since 1920. You would think that locals would have gotten used to the idea that the racetrack that they live next to would actually be load. Heaven forbid!

But as long as the locals don’t show up at the track throwing rocks on the course, we wont lump them together with the Australian anti-WRC ilk.

With that in mind, there is a petition on this website which you can use to voice your displeasure. I would encourage all who desire to continue seeing racing at Spa to click the link and sign up.

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3 Thoughts to “F1 – Defend Spa via Petition

  1. I will sign it….you have to be kidding!!! I want the track shut down because it is too loud! what a lame excuse. If you don’t like it, then i suggest saving your holiday for that weekend.

  2. Noise nazis suck. Lets do an economic impact analysis on what losing all activity, and especially a F1GP, would do. Can you live with one weekend of noise, or would you rather be broke?

  3. I agree guys, but 2 points.

    1. An economic impact analysis might actually suggest that it makes no financial sense to run an F1 GP.

    2. Holiday for the F1 race might be in order, but the track is in constant operation from April – October. This isn’t one of those middle eastern tracks that only gets used once per year. Here is a link to their schedule.


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