Rally – Block’s WRC Future

Block stuntKen Block has become an internet icon because of his extreme driving that is on display in his gymkhana videos. Few people actually know that Ken is a proper rally driver who actually has aspirations of competing at the highest level of the sport. After today’s surprise announcement, it looks as though he will get that chance.

Autosport.com is announcing that Ken Block and Chris Atkinson will be part of a new Monster Energy Drink rally team that will compete using spec 2009 Ford Focus RS WRC cars. There is no official announcement, however one is expected next month. Block has been competing in the Rally America series as well as work put together a few really sweet videos. It will be great to have an American back in the WRC and should be interesting to see how well he can compete against the best the world has to offer. The ISC is hailing this as the best chance the WRC has of coming back to North America and is hoping that the level of success Ken has had on the internet can be brought to the WRC.

If the deal goes through, the new Monster team will compete in only a partial campaign for 2010. However, for the 2011 campaign, the duo will be competing in all events. Should be very interesting to see how this duo gets along against the likes of Loeb and Hirvonen.

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3 Thoughts to “Rally – Block’s WRC Future

  1. I’m super stoked about an American being back in WRC, and Ken Block no less! Given his rather incident-filled Rally America season, I wonder if he won’t give JML a run for the title of Capt. Crash. :\ Either way, he’ll be exciting to watch.

  2. tab

    That’s so exciting! But, I’m also a little sad because that means he probably won’t be part of Rally America.

  3. ATB73

    I’m super stoked it is on High def Theatre. I just recorded rally Norway. Monday night at 10 pm they have those insane flat dirt track oval motorcycle racing from sweden, in super HD. It looks wicked. recorder set. Discovery Channel rocks!!

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