F1 – Alonso Announcement Thursday

ferrari_badgeReports are coming out of the Spanish media that Fernando Alonso will be announced at Ferrari on Thursday. Reportedly, Alonso will make 25 million euros per year for the next 5 years, with an additional option on a 6th year.

We have been hearing rumors of this deal for the last several seasons, but it was supposedly debunked when Ferrari resigned Kimi and Felipe through the 2010 season. But then we started hearing rumors earlier this season that Ferrari was attempting to buy out Kimi’s 2010 contract.

At this point, speculation places Kimi at McLaren next year, in a very unlikely reunion with his previous team. I have trouble believing this will happen. Kimi seems highly unmotivated at all times and would seem to be a bad choice to pair with Lewis Hamilton, who clearly will remain the teams #1 driver. Further, Kimi will have an abundance of cash from his Ferrari buyout. Both would seem to be items that would further demotivate Kimi even more. I cannot see how this would be a good move for either Kimi or McLaren.

As for Fernando at Ferrari, lets just say I will be buying some red clothing now.

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