Le Mans – Audi Returns for Petit

audi-r151Seems as though the world economic climate may be changing after all. Audi whom dropped to only doing two races this year has announced that it will run a third for Petit Le Mans. The team currently plans to field two of its R15 TDis in what they are calling their first step towards 2010 Le Mans.

The addition of Audi will surly make this the best round thus far of the 2009 ALMS calendar with the Peugeot, ORECA, and Acura entries also fighting it out. If you remember back to earlier this summer, driver Alan McNish said the only way the R15 would improve after being defeated at Le Mans would be to run more races. Audi’s team boss Dr Wolfgang Ullrich had the same idea and has now indicated that this race will be the launch pad for the R15 into the 2010 and their bid to reclaim Le Mans.

An interesting point to note is the fact that Audi have never lost at Petit and fancy their chances this year as well. Then again, with the Peugeot 908 coming to the end of its development stage, it may be tough for the young R15 to claim victory. I will have my money on Audi regardless.

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One Thought to “Le Mans – Audi Returns for Petit

  1. Nothing like losing to your arch enemy to boost your motivation, eh? I think you’re right about the Audi’s being the favorites. Suppose that one of the Acuras will make the podium? PFFFFFFFFFFFRRT! 🙂 Sorry, I knew there was no way I could have kept a straight face when I asked that. Shouldn’t have tried.

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