OP-Ed – Fan Driven Segment!

openpaddockWelcome to your segment of the Open Paddock main page titled OP-Ed. This is where we will publish op-ed articles written by you and display them for the world to read.

OP-ed is a place where you can express yourself and your views on motorsport to a whole new level. This is your site so why shouldn’t you be able to write for it? Only rule that applies is no swearing or language that can be taken as offensive to race, religion or gender. Feel free to submit your stories to Shaun or Mike and we will work with you to get it ready for posting.

So what do you want to say here in the Paddock? Got some strong emotions to vent about the state of IndyCar? Want to talk about F1 stewards? What about WRC vs. IRC? It doesn’t matter if your article relies on media sources, or if it is all opinion. We will put it up here on the page for the world to see.

Open Paddock – Motorsports Commentary FOR the Fans, BY the Fans!

So, drop an email to Shaun or Mike and we will get you started.

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