Le mans – Highcroft to Stay Regardless

patron0716-1With the ALMS series in a state of cardiac arrest due to the economic downturn, some good news can be found amongst the rubble that is a devastated 2009 season. Highcroft racing announced that regardless of what happens in the series, they will be racing in the ALMS in 2010.

There has been growing concern over the state of the LMP1 series since the exit of Audi and Peugeot and a number of other teams that competed last season. There is also potential news that Acura may pull the plug on it’s prototype project as well. The Highcroft team stated this weekend that even if Acura pulls the plug on the car, they have other options that can see them through the 2010 series.

Rival Acura squad De Ferran finally answered speculation that they would head to the IndyCar series. This will see the outfit performing in both series. Highcroft also announced that they too would love to get into the IndyCar series as well so as to be one of the top teams in the US for motorsport. They recognize that the Indy 500 is the greatest race in the world and would love to be a part of it.

I think this is really a win win situation for both series in a year where bad news has dominated the headlines. One series will gain one strong team and potentially another while both squads have kept their commitment to ALMS. The American Le Mans series needs these teams more than IndyCar but that being said, IndyCar is also in desperate need of more top level contenders that have the resources and talent to take the fight to Penske and TCGR.

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3 Thoughts to “Le mans – Highcroft to Stay Regardless

  1. I think that having a team in both ALMS and IndyCar is ambitious for Highcroft and De Ferran Motorsports. I’m very happy to see it, but its hard enough to find sponsorship for just one program. If I could have my ideal little world, I’d love to see AGR and Penske back in ALMS as well. The IndyCar and ALMS races fit so well together for road and street course events, and if more teams were involved in both, it could do nothing but help the viability and relevance of both series.

  2. ATB73

    ALMS has turned into a practice session for Le man. I was dissapointed I wasn’t going to get shots of the Peugot at St. Pete. A street circuit was irrelevant to the developement of their Le man program. Situations like that don’t help the viability of the series for those who participate full time. I’m sure the economy is the overriding factor in all that. ALMS is the shoe that fits when putting together a roadcourse weekend for IndyCar. Combined with Indy Lights, and even Atlatics at Mid-o. Tell Dale Jr., thats a race ticket that’s worth it’s price of admission.

  3. Agreed ATB…welcome to the site by the way. Glad to have your thoughts on the much disappointing ALMS series for this year. Funy thing about it is that even though it is a practice for Le Mans, the two P1 and 1 P2 car that are dominating…do not run Le Mans. I like it for a pre Indy race along with the feeder series as well. I will pay $80 for a ticket, but I only go to NASCAR events if they are free…and even then my calendar better be empty.

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