F1 – Schumacher Cancels Return

michael_schumacher_290x329Michael Schumacher has decided to cancel his return to Formula 1 after neck injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident earlier this year still existed. Schumacher had posted a quote on his website indicating he did everything medically possible, but will not be ready in time for the stresses a Formula 1 car puts on the body.

This is a huge blow to the team and will nearly guarantee that they will not win a race this year. Instead Luca Badoer will fill in for Massa. Luca has not been in a F1 car for sometime and was slow as beans when he was. That being said, it is safe to assume with the lack of pace and will Kimi has shown teamed with the plain garbage that Luca is, Ferrari will not win a race this year.

Schumacher announced his return to F1 a couple weeks ago and had been preparing daily for the return in Spain. He ran a F2007 around Ferrari test tracks, lost weight, and even included a couple features of the new cars on the 2007 to simulate his return. All of the fans must be disappointed, I sure the heck am! The Spanish fans may not have Schumacher or Alonso to watch at the European Grand Prix. That is a loss of epic scale for the fans at that track. I guess on that Sunday morning I can go ahead and sleep in.

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