F1 – Wurz to USF1?

wurzAs driver movements and signings move into full throttle, rumors are still going around about who will be in the first USF1 car later this fall. While it was thought that two drivers from America would pilot the machines; that thought process has changed as the 2010 preparations begin.

USF1 team boss Peter Windsor had an interview with the BBC today in which he dispelled really any rumors of Canadian Jacques Villeneuve joining the team and instead mentioned current sports car racer Alex Wurz for the job. Windsor explained that the two goals of Jacques and USF1 may differ slightly because Jacques had been a former world champion.

As far as Alex is concerned, he has not been in a F1 car since 2007 when he raced for Williams. Before driving the Williams, he was a test driver for the McLaren outfit. Wurz had said he retired from Formula 1 racing but has shown some interest in getting back into a race seat. When asked why Wurz? Windsor was quoted as saying: “Alex Wurz could perhaps be able to operate at our rate of learning.” The new US team boss explained that they were still trying to keep small heads about the whole situation and he did not want the team to run before walking. Didn’t Windsor say he was going to run two U.S. drivers though? He had an explanation for bringing in a more experienced foreign racer: “We don’t have a lot of time to do everything now because of all the turbulence and politics we have had this season, so there is maybe an argument for running an experienced driver in one car.”

With that being said, Windsor has not ditched all plans to have a U.S. driver. He wants to bring in an experienced racer to team with a young American star for the first year. I can agree with this. If we are going to have a U.S. team, than we do need the drivers as well. I am pleased however, because by bringing in a Wurz instead of a Jacques, you know you are getting somebody who does not expect to be champion. He has a solid background racing a number of different machines and will give you that set-up capability required. With some of these kids being mentioned for the American seat, they have had hardly any time in the current series they are in, so slapping two of them into a team that has never run a lap is just foolish. So I welcome a non American driver into the team IF he gets selected because I know the team will have a great set-up man and a teacher.

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