F1 – Mosley’s “Planned” Departure

fiaAfter a devastating blow dealt to the FIA and FOM from the FOTA organization, Max Mosley has tried to save face by stating his departure was planned and was always going to happen at the end of the season. He indicated there was no pressure or anything the teams did to expedite the process.

Are you serious?? This man has lied and cheated so much that making stuff up is actually believable to him. Regardless of what Herr Max states to the press, the simple fact is that FOTA has done what should of been done years ago. While the agreement reached this morning had a bit to do with cost cutting measures and technical regulations, there was only one real purpose for Luca as he attended the meeting. That purpose was to eliminate Max Mosley from the equation at all cost. A goal that was not too far out of reach given the massive power and weight advantage FOTA had over the FIA. 8 breakaways including Ferrari, the loss of your crown jewel event, what could Max do? If that was not enough, there were a number of members within the WMSC that would have seen the end of Mosley’s reign of sport oppression end had this failed and FOTA had broke off. Mosley thought that this crisis would warrant another term from him and made it very clear last night that he would run again in attempt to saave the series. With that being said, it took no time whatsoever this morning for headlines of Mosley’s end to come out. He walked into the meeting and was slapped crazy and sent on his way. None of his trademark threats or empty lies could prepare him for how fast Luca and FOTA bounced him out of power and I say good ridance to you sir. Mosley’s legacy or lack there of will forever be tarnished by five prostitutes in Chelsea and decision making that makes former VP Dick Cheney look harmless. There are only positive things to come from this removal and even with Bernie remaining, his power has also taken a bitter blow. This should be an indication to Bernie Ecclestone that the teams and fans of this the pinnacle of motorsport will not tollerate such rubbish and one foul move will signal game over. If Bernie was wise, he has taken note of what has happened and will be very careful how he treads the next few years. The new Concorde Agreement is to last until 2012 and if Bernie begins to show signs of Mosley decision making, we will be right back in this very same boat.

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2 Thoughts to “F1 – Mosley’s “Planned” Departure

  1. …and the spin doctoring has begun. Max should just withdraw now. He holds absolutely zero credibility within motorsports right now.

  2. At some point, it is going to come out that FOTA asked for his head and would not sign up until they had his head.

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