F1 – FIA Responds with Lawyers

alonsoThe FIA has now released a statement which threatens the FOTA teams with legal action. This is no surprise since the FIA has already hinted in the past that they would pursue such recourse if necessary.

The FIA’s lawyers have now examined the FOTA threat to begin a breakaway series. The actions of FOTA as a whole, and Ferrari in particular, amount to serious violations of law including willful interference with contractual relations, direct breaches of Ferrari’s legal obligations and a grave violation of competition law. The FIA will be issuing legal proceedings without delay.

Preparations for the 2010 FIA Formula One World Championship continue but publication of the final 2010 entry list will be put on hold while the FIA asserts its legal rights.

Again, no surprise here, but it is interesting to note what Fernando Alonso thinks about this situation. Check out his thoughts on why the entry list is not coming out tomorrow.

It keeps going. The entry list from the FIA is not arriving tomorrow because there are no teams to put on the list, so maybe the will wait a couple of weeks and everything goes back to normal and we see the FOTA teams running in Formula 1 maybe.

There may yet be hope, as Fernando suggests, that the teams and the FIA can come to some sort of agreement. But at this point, they will have to put away their lawyers and talk reasonably.

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3 Thoughts to “F1 – FIA Responds with Lawyers

  1. That didn’t take long… 🙁

    As for hopes of the the FIA putting away their lawyers and talking reasonably, you might as well wish for a unicorn and a leprechaun’s pot of gold.

  2. And now Max is suggesting that the FOTA breakaway threat means he will be more likely to stand for reelection since nobody can handle the teams like he does.

    Max doesn’t seem to be taking FOTA’s gambit seriously. Strange.

  3. Jim

    Max needs to maintain his poker face. this is going to be the climax of the stand off. The loser is the guy who blinks. Max can’t blink he needs to do this. he needs to destroy F1 to salvage his ego

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