F1 – FOTA Missile Crisis

fota-stops-pointsIn what seems to be straight out of the 1960s history books, we are again faced with two rival powers who are hell bent on changing the face of motorsport as we know it. Autosport Magazine has published a story that has FOTA forming a breakaway championship. Well Shaun…what are you talking about? It is simple to be honest, the war of words between FOTA and the FIA has blown into all out chaos as only the F1 circus can bring it to you.

As we have followed for the whole start of the season, the FIA and the team owners group FOTA have been at eachers throats for any number of reasons. Most recently was the fight over a budget cap that would regulate how much teams could spend on R&D. The same R&D that was heavily regulated at the beginning of the year. The manufacturers were having none of this and told Max Mosley to watch his decision making process. FOTA and the FIA then battled over a number of meetings while a conclusion was never reached and tensions further escalated.

Now much like the Soviets and the Americans back during the cold war, FOTA has released a statement that they would form a breakaway series that would involve all of the top teams and some pretty heavy venues. Now the question is simple: Will Max concede defeat and give into FOTA’s rule or will the missiles go off and F1 as we know it will be dead. Yes, thats right. Formula 1 without FOTA, Ferrari, Vetterl, or Monaco would be the end of F1 as we know it.

We are currently trying stay on top of the situation and ask that you stay tuned in and add your own comments and thoughts on this potentially crippiling situation.

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