Le Mans – Audi Make Practice Statement

Day 1 of practice for the 24 Hours of Le Mans is in the books and rain covered the race course for most of the day. Audi’s #1 car piloted by Capello/Kristensen/McNish took top honors with a time of 3:30.07. The North American Audi team put their R15 a mere 0.054 off the top spot. Following Audi was Peugeot and their 908 HDi Coupe. The French team put the cars 3/5/9th on the time sheet. The Pescarolo team ran 4th in their Peugeot as well. The day seen a number of spins and off road excursions on the slippery circuit. Aston Martin continued their nightmare run up to Le Mans with their top time only being good enough for eighth on the time sheet. They were 5.2 seconds off the pace set by the session leaders. The complete list of drivers and times is listed below. We willl continue our coverage of all the breaking news coming out of the circuit this week.

Pos Class Drivers Team Car Time Gap
1. LMP1 Capello Kristensen McNish Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R15 TDI 3m30.708
2. LMP1 Rockenfeller Werner Luhr Audi Sport North America Audi R15 TDI 3m30.762 0.054
3. LMP1 Brabham Gene Wurz Peugeot Sport Total Peugeot 908 HDi FAP 3m31.102 0.394
4. LMP1 Boullion Pagenaud Treluyer Pescarolo Sport Peugeot 908 HDi FAP 3m33.028 2.320
5. LMP1 Bourdais Montagny Sarrazin Team Peugeot Total Peugeot 908 HDi FAP 3m33.426 2.718
6. LMP1 Bernhard Premat Dumas Audi Sport Team Joest Audi R15 TDI 3m34.716 4.008
7. LMP1 Tinseau Juoanny Barbosa Pescarolo Sport Pescarolo 01-Judd 3m35.868 5.160
8. LMP1 Davidson Turner Verstappen Aston Martin Racing Lola-Aston Martin B09/60 3m35.996 5.288
9. LMP1 Minassian Lamy Klien Team Peugeot Total Peugeot 908 HDi FAP 3m37.980 7.272
10. LMP1 Charouz Enge Mucke AMR Eastern Europe Lola-Aston Martin B09/60 3m36.732 6.024
11. LMP1 Hall Primat Kox Aston Martin Racing Lola-Aston Martin B09/60 3m38.490 7.782
12. LMP1 Panis Lapierre Ayari Team Oreca Matmut AIM Oreca 01-AIM 3m44.474 13.766
13. LMP1 Zwolsman Jr Karthikeyan Lotterer Kolles Audi R10 TDI 3m44.508 13.800
14. LMP1 Belicchi Prost Jani Speedy Racing Team Sebah Lola B08/60-Aston Martin 3m44.560 13.852
15. LMP1 Ortelli Senna Monteiro Team Oreca Matmut AIM Oreca 01-AIM 3m46.202 15.494
16. LMP2 Elgaard Poulsen Collard Team Essex Porsche RS Spyder 3m46.426 15.718
17. LMP2 Ara Kunimoto Maassen NAVI Team Goh Porsche RS Spyder 3m48.096 17.388
18. LMP1 Albers Bakkerud Mondini Kolles Audi R10 TDI 3m49.960 19.252
19. LMP1 Ragues Mailleux Andre Signature Plus Courage-Oreca LC70E-Judd 3m52.858 22.150
20. LMP1 Campbell-Walter Ickx Ianetta Creation Autosportif Creation CA07-Judd 3m54.552 23.844
21. LMP2 Amaral Pla Smith Quifel ASM Team Ginetta-Zytek 09S/2 3m56.200 25.492
22. LMP1 Hardman Leventis Watts Strakka Racing Ginetta-Zytek 09S 3m56.698 25.990
23. GT1 O’Connell Magnussen Garcia Corvette Racing Corvette C6.R 3m57.876 27.168
24. LMP2 Leuenberger Pompidou Kane Speedy Racing Team Sebah Lola B08/80-Judd 3m58.210 27.502
25. GT1 Gavin Beretta Fassler Corvette Racing Corvette C6.R 3m59.586 28.878
26. LMP2 Laheye Ajlani Moreau OAK Racing Pescarolo 01-Mazda 4m00.428 29.720
27. LMP2 Newton Erdos Dyson Ray Mallock Ltd. Lola B08/86-Mazda 4m01.378 30.670
28. LMP2 Noda Marsh de Pourtales Kruse-Schiller Motorsport Lola B07/46-Mazda 4m03.488 32.780
29. GT1 Lichtner-Hoyer Gruber Muller Jetalliance Racing Aston Martin DBR9 4m06.606 35.898
30. GT2 Lieb Henzler Lietz Team Felbermayr-Proton Porsche 997 GT3-RSR 4m08.304 37.596
31. GT2 Melo Kaffer Salo Risi Competizione Ferrari F430 GT2 4m10.980 40.272
32. GT2 Coronel Bleekemolen Janis Snoras Spyker Squadron Spyker C8 Laviolette GT2-R 4m13.196 42.488
33. GT2 Pilet Narac Long IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche 997 GT3-RSR 4m14.340 43.632
34. GT2 Bell Kirkaldy Sugden JMW Motorsport Ferrari F430 GT2 4m14.584 43.876
35. GT2 Babini Malucelli Ruberti BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari F430 GT2 4m14.858 44.150
36. GT2 Bergmeister Law Neiman Flying Lizard Motorsports Porsche 997 GT3-RSR 4m15.254 44.546
37. GT2 Bruni Perez Companc Russo AF Corse Ferrari F430 GT2 4m16.846 46.138
38. GT2 Farnbacher Simonsen Montanari Hankook Farnbacher Racing Ferrari F430 GT2 4m17.098 46.390
39. LMP2 Piccini Biagi Bobbi Racing Box Lola B08/80-Judd 4m18.870 48.162
40. GT2 Drayson Cocker Franchitti Drayson Racing Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 4m23.262 52.554
41. LMP2 Ojjeh Gosselin Peter GAC Racing Team Zytek 07S/2 4m23.788 53.080
42. GT2 O’Young Hesnault Kralev Endurance Asia Team Porsche 997 GT3-RSR 4m24.420 53.712
43. LMP1 Tomlinson Dean Moore Team LNT Ginetta-Zytek 09S 4m24.700 53.992
44. GT2 Rodrigues Lebon Bouchut JMB Racing Ferrari F430 GT2 4m26.170 55.462
45. GT2 Mansell Ehret Rusinov Team Modena Ferrari F430 GT2 4m26.298 55.590
46. GT2 Dempsey Kitch Jr Foster Team Advanced Engineering Ferrari F430 GT2 4m26.514 55.806
47. GT2 McInerney McInerney Vergers Virgo Motorsport Ferrari F430 GT2 4m26.784 56.076
48. LMP2 Bruneau Rostan Greaves Bruichladdich Bruneau Team Radical SR9-AER 4m28.252 57.544
49. GT2 Felbermayr Sr Felbermayr Jr Lecourt IMSA Performance Matmut Porsche 997 GT3-RSR 4m29.856 59.148
50. LMP2 Nicolet Hein Yvon OAK Racing Pescarolo 01-Mazda 4m35.952 1m05.244
51. GT1 Alphand Gregoire Goueslard Luc Alphand Aventures Corvette C6.R 4m38.342 1m07.634
52. GT1 Maassen Jousse Clairay Luc Alphand Aventures Corvette C6.R 4m42.802 1m12.094
53. GT2 Krohn van de Poele Jonsson Risi Competizione Ferrari F430 GT2 4m44.220 1m13.512
54. LMP2 Barazi Moseley Bennett Team Barazi-Epsilon Zytek 07S/2 5m00.760 1m30.052

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