Rally – Solberg Secures Sponsorship

petter-solberg-shellIn an article posted by the awesome guys at Rallybuzz.com, Petter Solberg’s WRC team has secured a big sponsorship with oil giant Shell joining. Solberg has put together spectacular results thus far with a very dated Citroen Xsara.

Not only is the deal running for the rest of this year, but it will also run the full 2010 season. That being said, that should ensure that Petter receives upgrades as he needs them and will also see the former champion run all of the rallies this year and next. We will however, probably not see Petter return to a factory ride due to the competing oil companies. Even though he may be ruled out for a factory ride, his privateer squad has put together spectacular results thus far and he has surely played a role in the championships with his podiums in a car that is three years old. I look forward to not only Petter running all of the rallies but I want to see how well the team does as they receive upgrades on a more regular basis. Solberg has done enough to turn me into a fan and I find myself following his results very carefully given his limited budget. If there was a series where a privateer can come in and be successful, the WRC is it. Also does not hurt to be a former champion of the series. Go Petter and good luck with the next season and a half.

Again would like to thank the guys at Rallybuzz.com. If you are as hardcore about rally as I am, this site is for you. More rally news than most fans can stomach. Brilliant stuff.

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