Le Mans – Aston Martin’s Rough Start

aston-lmp-1What a difference a couple days makes. Aston Martin had just released a third car for Le Mans and a string of new drivers. The team then proceeded to Monza and it all changed on one straightaway. Jos Verstappen was piloting the LMP1 around the historic Monza race course when he lost control and crashed heavily into a nearby barricade. While Jos suffered minor injuries, the car suffered a 15G impact and has been destroyed. What a difference a couple days makes!

The team will now spend the run up to the legendary 24 hour race putting the Aston back together. Clearly not a dream start to Aston’s attempt at victory, and now with only two cars the new drivers are going to have very little track time heading to the race. It is nearing the time that gear and equipment is finally loaded and shipped to France for the race and Aston will sit and pick up the pieces. Hopefully putting them back together in time for the greatest endurance race on the planet.

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2 Thoughts to “Le Mans – Aston Martin’s Rough Start

  1. Jim

    I tihnk the Astons will be just as competitive as they would have been without the crash. They will have a great race but will still finish third behind the Audi and Pugs

  2. Personally, I think 3rd will be difficult for them. Merely finishing the race will be an accomplishment. So far, the team has not shown the level of organization and poise I’d expect from a competitive top constructor. This crash did them no favours, but even without it, there’s no way they could have offered any kind of fight to Audi or Peugeot.

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