IndyCar – Cleveland Rocks?

CCWS Night Race at Cleveland
CCWS Night Race at Cleveland
So Robin Miller has had a few interesting quotes about Cleveland over the last few weeks. He said a few weeks ago that Cleveland might return as an oval (?!) on the airport track, and then threw in his normal vitriol. Granted, that vitriol would have been justly administered if it turned out to be true that they were considering going to Cleveland and not running the road course that was so successful for years.

Seems he only got half the story and has now amended his earlier statement. On Speed Report last night, Robin said that the IndyCar series is looking into making Cleveland a double header event with a race on the airport in an oval configuration and then a race in the CART/CCWS road course configuration on back to back days.

If this pans out (and Robin’s source wasn’t something out of Beautiful Mind) then I am pretty excited about them thinking outside the box. Give me some twin 150’s, a 5 hour endurance race at Road America and then maybe take off the wings and put on some Hoosier’s to run Eldora (because wings on dirt is for cheaters…. yeah I’m looking at you WoO).

Seriously, variety is something that is sorely lacking in auto racing. The IndyCar series is the most versatile on the planet with the different disciplines that they enjoy, but it would be interesting to see some shows follow different formats, and this idea for Cleveland sounds like a very good one.

Whatever the case, the series is looking at some very interesting venues for next year. Terry Angstadt was on the Versus bump day broadcast and continued some of the talk that they very likely would be adding a race in Brazil next year in support of Apex, their new ethanol sponsor. With as many drivers who have come out of Brazil, this is a move that has needed to happen for a long time.

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  1. A dual feature would be fantastic!

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