F1 – Max and FOTA Still at Odds

max_mosleyA meeting between Max Mosley and FOTA on the 2010 rules has left the two parties in the same position as before the meeting. Mosley has said the rules will stay and he will continue the two tier budget cap system that has the manufacturers up in arms.

However, all is not lost as Autosport is reporting that the teams are currently in a meeting of their own formulating a response to today’s events. This is not all bad though, Mosley stated to the reporters that the teams broke away after the meeting in an attempt to come up with a better plan. This sheds some promise on the situation because if the teams do come up with an idea that pleases Max and the FIA, he will nearly be forced to adopt it in light of over half the grid threatening to quit. The drama does not end there though.

In another bit from the same article, it was made public that Ferrari has launched legal action against the FIA in a French court. The legal action is in response to the introduction of the 2010 rules as the Italian team states that the manner in which they were released was a breach in the “technical veto” the team has. Ladies and gentleman…business is about to pick up.

It is my opinion on the matter that the way the FIA has introduced the budget cap is all wrong. The teams are not so much against the budget as they are a two tier title. Let’s face it folks…if you want class style racing you need to watch Le Mans. All of us fans have complained about things like overtaking and more cars on the grid. This has for the most part been answered; however the manner in which these rules are introduced is the problem. Max stated that the FIA did not want to discourage new teams from joining and wanted it to be fair to everybody. Well that already cannot happen because of the overwhelming knowledge the teams already posses. Further more, you are going to continue to scare off new money if cannot keep the technical regulations the same for more than 15 minutes. Max also told reporters that by allowing the budget cap, the technical regulations would then be relaxed. Which will bring even more chaos to the table then this year in regards to rule changes. How can any prospective buyer form a business model and promote this product to a sponsor? Either way there is more than shall come of this story today and we will see what kind of model FOTA can bring to the table in hopes of changing the current situation. I feel myself for the first time agreeing with one Lewis Hamilton. All of these F1 politics are driving me away from the sport I love. Keep it at Open Paddock for any further developments on the situation in Heathrow

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