IndyCar – Sato+de Ferran+Roth=?

satoIs It May Yet? has been doing some trackside math after observing that Takuma Sato and Gil de Ferran are on the ground in Indy.

Marty Roth has a sign up in Gasoline Alley over his garage space, but as of yet they have not moved equipment over from his shop. It could be inferred that he is mounting a one or two car effort on one of the 2nd week engine deals, but it certainly is confusing that they haven’t at least started preparation for that. Roth has had his equipment up for sale for some time now. The Philippe family at one point was considering purchasing the entire operation to provide race seats for all three of the racing Philippe’s as Team France.

Anyway, with Gil de Ferran and Takuma Sato both reported at the track as well as a few members of Gil’s ALMS crew, it would seem that they are at least exploring some options.

Robin Miller made bold proclamations on SPEED that Acura was going to can their LMP1 program in ALMS and that Gil would start an IndyCar team with help from Honda so that Sato could have a seat. Well, the LMP1 program continues so at least that part of Robin’s rumor was untrue. But with Sato on the ground at Indy, maybe something is in the works to get him a seat.

Sato is not the kind of guy that would normally show up with helmet in hand for May. He hasn’t driven in the 500 nor has he even competed in any IndyCar Series event. Maybe he does have some financial backing to get a seat, or maybe Gil has a plan that we are not yet privy to.

It seems unlikely though that Gil would buy equipment from Roth, set up a brand new operation, get a car qualified this weekend and then be ready along with his ALMS crew for the race at Miller Motorsports Park next weekend. But it might be possible that Gil runs an effort out of Marty’s garage space as they possibly continue to negotiate for Marty’s equipment and shop.

Speaking of ALMS at Miller, Scott Sharp has to get his car qualified this weekend so that he can compete with his team next weekend. That said, their efforts were given a harsh blow this afternoon as Scott put his car in the wall. That may make qauls tomorrow a difficult proposition.

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