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wrc1Lewis Hamilton was not the only topics of discussion at the WMSC meeting held yesterday. The WRC calendar has been reviewed and some new topics have come to light. The FIA released a statement that indicated the rally courses for Indonesia and Russia were incomplete and had not passed safety inspection. This is not the kind of news the WRC is looking for. The series is having enough problems already and this will be a true test for the ISC. The FIA stated that because these rallies are not ready, they will be replaced with proven rallies until the others are complete and ready for competition.

With the news of the other rallies not being preparred, the orginaizer of the Rally Ireland has stated he will not run the rally in early January again. Instead he propposed an idea to the ISC that would bring the rally in during the early autumn time frame. Event Director John Naylor said that September would allow him to take full advantage of the tourist season and open hotels to allow for maximum attendance.

Rally Ireland may not be around much longer due to the direction the sport is going . With the FIA press release, the Rally Monte Carlo may also make a return in 2011. Monte Carlo was a staple of the WRC calendar, however was replaced when the series went to the rotational calendar. The rally was ran this year as the opening round of the IRC. Until a solid calendar is set in place, we are going to continue to see problems with the WRC calendar. Hopefully the ISC can improve the schedule situation and attempt to secure more legacy rallies. Unfortunatley it looks with the addition of the Russia and Indonesia would indicate what the FIA has been doing to all of its series and they are attempting to move away from legacy rounds and into third world countries where the governments are willing to spend the money.

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  1. I can’t believe that Monte Carlo was ever taken off of the schedule. That’s like F1 not going to Spa or Monaco, or the IRL not going to Indy. Ok, perhaps its not quite THAT level, but its really darn close!

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