IndyCar – Milka is Back

dunoDreyer and Reinbold has announced that Milka Duno has been picked up again for a limited schedule. With their 2nd car for Kansas and their 4th car for Indy listed as TBA, it was clear that Dreyer and Reinbold had something in the works with somebody other than Darren Manning and Milka’s name was most heavily linked with said works.

While Milka definitely improved over last season, she is still not nearly as talented as most of the Indy Lights field. And while the media has to grudgingly accept that a driver who clearly doesn’t belong on the track is back in a seat, the fans and IndyCar haters clearly have rejected her. But that said, Milka is clearly one of the most hospitable of all the drivers in the paddock.

Still, you have to wonder what the Dreyer and Reinbold PR guys had to drink before they were able to spout out this drivel.

“Not only will Duno be partnering with driver Mike Conway, who will be piloting the No. 24 Dad’s Root Beer machine, but she will also bring her oval experience to the table that will aid in Conway’s learning curve as he visits Kansas for the first time.”

What is Conway going to learn from her? How not to set up the car? How to deal with lapping traffic? Seriously, Conway has serious problems already this season, being a road course ace and past winner of Monaco in GP2, but having disastrous results at the first two street circuits. The last thing he needs as he goes into his first oval event on Sunday is the circus style distraction of Milka playing race car driver.

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4 Thoughts to “IndyCar – Milka is Back

  1. Jim

    Milka has clearly established herself as the most unqualifed race car driver in all of North America that currently has a ride……. and that is saying alot

  2. Randy Race Fan

    Although Milka had significant and successful sports car racing experience, she clearly entered Indy car racing before she was ready. She had some decent results last year (only woman to finish Indy, led five laps in another race and handled a horrific spinout without touching anyone or the wall) and over the past two years has grown so now she may be perhaps a little better than most Indy car rookies, which means her learning curve should be just about over. This year will tell if she belongs in Indy car racing. I don’t know that she will ever be a star, but I believe her shot at becoming an accomplished journeyman (or journeywoman) is pretty good. Let the results this year speak for themselves, not her last two learning curve years. I think she’ll be okay.

  3. SJ Skid

    Ana Beatriz deserves that drive.

  4. Welcome to the site Randy! Good to see the posts. Please come and post as much as you like. I agree with your point on the very nice looking 🙂 Milka but she does need to put up some results. The PR guy was crazy to talk about the oval expirience she has, but i think she will put up some better results. Her results in Kansas were not that bad considering she had not been in the car until practice.

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